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Robust & Heavy Duty withstanding heavy usage at commercial & industrial levels.

Endurance Levels of all products manufactured are maintained at the heights industrial levels ensuring long lasting with trusted warranties assuring minimum service levels.


Conforms to all International Protection Ratings offering optimum usage levels.

Weather resistance offers the lowest level of protection against Mother Nature. We believe a product, labeled weather resistant means it’s designed to withstand light exposure to the elements — sun, rain and wind.


All our solutions are highly efficient to be operated at minimum costs.

We offer Products that has a good value, where the benefits and usage are worth at least what is paid to have them.

Dalma Mall – Abu Dhabi

Dalma Mall is one of the biggest and most popular malls in Abu Dhabi. The mall is just a short distance away from the Abu Dhabi International Airport close to Mussafah and MBZ City. Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi has an array of anchor stores, high-street fashion stores, electronics, stationery, toys and much more. Besides shopping, the countless dining options at the restaurants and cafés

OME Electrical Appliances has supplied Copper and Fiber Solutions for the entire Mall

Colombo City Center – Sri Lanka

Yet another iconic landmark immersed in modern Colombo, the Colombo City Centre holds an innovative design of its own. The shopping mall which consists of many amenities alongside its 192 residential apartments has enhanced the dynamics of Colombo’s landscape.