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In the 1980’s the BBC introduced a computer called the BBC Micro for the first time as part of an educational program in the UK called the “BBC Computer Literacy Project”. TheBBC Micro was notable for its ruggedness, expandability, and the high quality of its operating system.

Orel Bit

Commissioned by two ministries and designed and built by Orel, OrelBits provides a steppingstone into the exciting world of programming, electronics and IoT. The solution consists of a fully functional Raspberry Pi computer with a specialized OS, along with four BBC micro: bits and an assortment of sensors, each with their own set of experiments designed for the public-school syllabus in Sri Lanka.


The Boson Starter Kit is an expansion kit for the BBC micro: bit. The kit contains 8 modularized electronic blocks designed for students and hobbyists alike to start their hands-on journey of creation.


To complete the range of learning-based products the Orel Makerspace Classroom provides a library of accessible learning resources in a cloud repository. These resources include student project tutorials and extra (more challenging) activity guides for the micro: bit. A large collection of 3D models is available for OrelCloner and these can be downloaded, modified and printed with ease.